We build user focused apps for web & mobile

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Web Apps

We are specialists in React, node.js and Ruby web application development


Mobile apps

We design and build apps for iOS & Android using React Native

Browser Extensions

Custom Shopify apps

We can build tailored Shopify apps for private use or to be resold in the store


APIs + Integrations

Helping you connect mobile apps and interface with third party services

Niice started out as a beautiful search engine to help designers find inspiration and has evolved into a subscription product to allow visual designers to collect and express their ideas.

We built the original MVP and helped take Niice to market in its first 3 years, helping with all software and ops processes. The core app is built on Ruby on Rails and we also delivered advanced browser extensions for Chrome & Safari.

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Payhere is our comprehensive payments platform that helps small businesses charge automated recurring and one-off payments. We can save businesses many hours each month generating and chasing invoices.

We launched payhere on Product Hunt in Feb 2019 gaining over 300 customers across 40+ countries worldwide and where voted #4 product of the day 🎉

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Payhere has taken the stress out of collecting payments and helped me massively!


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