We build user focused apps for web & mobile

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We design and build native apps for iPhone & iPad, Android and macOS


Web Apps

We are specialists in Ruby on Rails and Vue web application development

Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions

We can build browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari



Helping you connect mobile apps and interface with third party services


PayHere is a simple payments platform that allows small businesses to charge for one-time products and recurring memberships with zero code.

  • Rails API
  • React JS
  • Stripe/Braintree payments
  • Heroku
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Niice started out as a beautiful search engine to help designers find inspiration and has evolved into a subscription product to allow visual designers to collect and express their ideas.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • Stripe subscription billing
  • Heroku
  • Chrome & Safari extensions
  • Advanced search with Elasticsearch
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Latest Posts

It seems like the whole world over is getting ready for GDPR to hit and with 10 days to go if you’re still under pressure here’s something that might help.

A standalone websocket server written in Crystal. It’s easy to use and works with any server-side language that can use JSON Web Tokens. You can find the Bifröst server on Github and if you’re using Ruby we have a companion gem to help your server-side code talk to Bifröst.

This is another post coming out of working on one of our products, https://voidapp.co. You often see articles teaching testing or TDD on an example topic, so I thought it was time to start writing about real world testing, with real code.