We build user focused apps for web & mobile

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Web Apps

We are specialists in React, node.js and Ruby web application development


Mobile Apps

We design and build apps for iOS & Android using React Native

Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions

We can build browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari



Helping you connect mobile apps and interface with third party services


Payhere is our comprehensive payments platform that helps small businesses charge automated recurring and one-off payments. We can save businesses many hours each month generating and chasing invoices.

We launched payhere on Product Hunt in Feb 2019 gaining over 300 customers across 40+ countries worldwide and where voted #4 product of the day 🎉

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Payhere has taken the stress out of collecting payments and helped me massively!


Niice started out as a beautiful search engine to help designers find inspiration and has evolved into a subscription product to allow visual designers to collect and express their ideas.

We built the original MVP and helped take Niice to market in its first 3 years, helping with all software and ops processes. The core app is built on Ruby on Rails and we also delivered advanced browser extensions for Chrome & Safari.

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Latest Posts

I have worked with many startups and small businesses since 2005 and the advice I would give to most is to charge your customers as soon as you can.

We built PayHere to allow small businesses and individuals to sell more products and memberships online.

It seems like the whole world over is getting ready for GDPR to hit and with 10 days to go if you’re still under pressure here’s something that might help.