Pete Hawkins

Developer & Founder

Hey! I'm Pete, a software developer and founder of Alternate Labs. I love building apps using Ruby, Swift and JavaScript.

I have been working with agencies and startups since early 2005, helping to design, build and ship products and services on the web. Previously I have worked at Typecast (aquired by monotype), Crafty Devil (now Flowlens) and PropertyPal (founding team).

For several years my focus has been delivery compelling user focussed mobile applications and the APIs that drive them. As a problem solver I pride myself in delivering working software that is easy to maintain and extend as business needs change. I aim to build apps of the highest quality by using practices like Test-Driven Development to minimise defects, reduce the friction of change and have as much confidence as I can when deploying new features.

Outside of programming I enjoy photography and love electronic music.