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A little background

I’m Pete, director of Alternate Labs, I’ve been working in the web industry for just over 10 years with agencies and startups. In April 2014 I left my full time job to go freelance.

Over the first 6 months I contracted for other startups heading into their offices, soon realising that model doesn’t scale when I had new clients approaching me about work which I had to turn away.

After the first 6 months I started to transition towards the agency model were clients weren’t as bothered about who was doing the work as long as the same high quality work was being done. Once I had enough work on I brought Colin on board as a contractor in January 2015 and thankfully there has been enough work rolling in to keep us both busy.

We’ve been fortunate to work with many great clients helping them build businesses on the web.

At the core we have been providing web application development, mainly in Ruby on Rails as it provides a solid set of tools to aid businesses in writing scalable, best practise software.

Moving forward

It has been pretty hard to market our services without a name so we recently rebranded the business ‘Alternate Labs Ltd’. Our friends at we are duo came up with a lovely logo for us and with some design help from the talented Jordan Moore we are finally launching our very own web presence.

You can checkout a handful of the clients we’ve been working with and please get in touch if you have any web or app development needs, or if you just want to say hello.

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